Saturday, June 20, 2015

Statement Skirts

I recently unearthed this awesome thrifted patchwork skirt from the depths of my closest and I absolutely can't wait to wear it this summer.  Maybe to Sunday brunch or afternoon tea?  Whenever I wear something crazy and loud, I like to anchor it with simple basics to keep the look grounded and pulled together.  This F21 cropped halter is on the cheap and the neckline shows just enough shoulder without feeling too exposed.

Cropped Halter: Forever21 / Skirt: Thrifted / Shoes: Schutz / Duckface: free
Obviously handmade, this skirt features some interesting embroidered creatures.  I'm picturing a super cool science teacher painstakingly stitching this together back in the late 70s  >.<  I owe this little find to my sister who bought it at Aardvark's Thrift Shop several years ago.  Unfortunately, the quaint little shop closed several years ago and the SFV is just a little sadder without it.   

Happy weekend!


Monday, June 1, 2015

It's Pasta-O'Clock!

This past week, we indulged in the most delicious fresh pasta at Eataly with family for my mother-in-law's birthday.  I must say, if you're ever in  NYC, the La Pizza & La Pasta restaurant is a must!  Though the wait was a little lengthy at 45+ minutes on a Wednesday night, it was absolutely worth it. 

Additionally, the service was top notch with a knowledgeable waiter that asked us if we had any food allergies and was very attentive throughout our meal. Water glasses were always full and bread was replenished without anyone asking for it. 

I ordered the papardelle pasta with mushrooms and my husband ordered the beef short ribs ragu over tagliatelle pasta. Both were mouthwatering with fresh pasta that almost melts in your mouth. I had slight entree-envy over the short rib tagliatelle but thankfully, the hubs likes to share so we had a little of both :)

Here's the papardelle with freshly grated parmigian. Unfortunately I don't have photos of the tagliatelle because we dove right in lol

Inspired by our recent trip to Eataly - my husband and I decided to make some fresh pasta of our own!  While making fresh pasta seems like a very intimidating task - I was surprised by how easy it actually is.  Fresh pasta consists of only three ingredients: eggs, water, and flour!

After kneading the dough and rolling it out (several times) to reach our desired thickness, we cut it into strands and were left with mounds of fresh pasta! We cooked about 12 oz. and froze the remaining pasta in small nests to cook up for another midweek meal!

I whipped up a quick chicken Madeira with mushrooms to pour over our fresh pasta and garnished with sage and Grana Padano. It was so satisfying and we were throughly excited by our little restaurant quality meal all homemade in the comforts of our tiny NYC apartment. 

I just love rounding out the weekend with a delicious homemade Sunday dinner. Don't you? What are your go-to dishes?