Sunday, September 29, 2013

OOTD: Bedazzled Sweater Weather

Finally got around to taking some pictures wearing my newly DIY-ed sweater, which I blogged about a few posts back.  Loving the beautiful weather we're experiencing in NYC right now -- sunny with a cool breeze, the best weather for a light sweater and open toe shoes.  A girl has to cherish these last moments before boots become the norm -__-

Cuffed jeans (J.Crew Vintage Matchstick), black ankle strap sandals (Zara), straw clutch (Baskets of Cambodia), and black sunglasses (Gap).  I went very minimal in the accessories department, just a pair of gold stud earrings and my engagement ring :)

Hooray for my first OOTD! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Alexa P.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

I ❤ FOOD: Yuji Ramen - Bacon & Egg Mazemen

One of the best things I've eaten recently is Yuji Ramen's Bacon and Egg Mazemen.  It was absolutely, mind-blowingly delicious.  Unlike traditional ramen, mazemen is a brothless noodle dish served with sauce, oil, and various toppings. 

In a small brown paper bowl (a size bowl you would expect ice cream out of ), comes a delicately placed bunch of noodles, topped with an expertly poached egg, smokey bacon, kale, and bonito flakes (rice paper thin smoked fish goodness).  When I first received my order I thought the portion size was a little small.  But after enjoying it to the last drop (seriously, whatever is in this oil/sauce combo - it must be laced with crack), I realized that it really is just the right size to leave you satisfied and looking forward to your next run in with Yuji.  At $9 a pop, it's not the cheapest thing out there - but I think it's worth it.  The unexpected flavor combo (for ramen) really hits the spot (see proof below).

((Edited in black in white for dramatic effect.. lol))

I went to the one located on the 2nd floor of Whole Foods Market ~ Smorgasburg at Bowery.  We were introduced to this place by a friend - and thankfully so because I would never have guessed there would be a little food mecca inside this seemingly ordinary Whole Foods Market.  Of note, since my first introduction to Yuji a few weeks ago, I've been back another time and it was just as delicious (consistency is always a plus!)

If you're in the area, it's definitely worth a taste!

Alexa P.

Friday, September 27, 2013

LBD, I Covet Thee

You've heard everyone harp on and on about the little black dress (LBD) and how every woman needs to have one in their wardrobe... Well, I'm here to jump in on that bandwagon because it's a staple for many reasons!  Black is a fail safe color - you can wear it during any season and you will look put together and sleek.  Additionally, it makes for the perfect blank canvas for all your favorite accessories and suits every occasion be it casual or black tie (given the right accessories). 

Would you believe that I didn't own a "go to" LBD before I found this gorgeous Maje number (brand new with original tags) at Buffallo Exchange on 26th Street between 6th and 7th??  I went in there on a whim after trying on wedding dresses at David's Bridal a few streets over.  This dress called my name from all the way in the back dark corner of the dress rack.  

Here I am, having just tried on a ton of white wedding gowns and the one that really grabbed my attention is a black one with a daring chest cut-out. Tisk tisk..  I wish I had this feeling about a wedding dress!!  With the big day just 7 months away, I really need to get serious about finding THE one!

If you're looking for your own LBD for any upcoming holiday parties or events, I've hand picked a few below in a little segment I'm calling, Wardrobe Basics.  You can look forward to future Wardrobe Basics posts featuring pieces like thick knit sweaters, strappy sandals, statement necklaces, etc. etc. :)

LBD, a necessity

1) H&M // Flared Mini Dress ($24). - I love this little skater dress!  They re-released it from last year in blue and black.  I own the same one in a deep emerald green color (purchased last year) and I can't wait to wear it again.  The H&M website says that this dress is made of jersey material but the shiny quality reminds me more of neoprene (which has been quite popular this season).  Whatever the fabrication really is, it gives the dress some structure and it's super flattering on.

2) H&M // Chiffon Knee Length Dress ($56).  If you're going for a more sophisticated yet edgy look, this is the perfect LBD for you.  It looks like it's all business from the waist up, but the grommet detailing on the hem gives it a youthful almost punk vibe.  I'm picturing this with some killer ankle strap heels in a fun cobalt blue!

3) Zara // Dress with Sheer Detail ($90).  I'm a sucker for anything with sheer details. Where a tube-dress might seem a little skank-a-licious and a long sleeve dress a little too covered up -- this dress let's you have a little of both with just the right amount of sexy, a classy sexy if you will.

4) New Look // Black Crochet Collar Sleeveless Skater Dress ($24).  The polar opposite of the previous dress - this one is demure and super cute with the crochet collar.  With the perfect heels and big round sunglasses you can take this dress from 2nd grade teacher to Audrey Hepburn.

Alexa P.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nailed it

I'm no nail artiste, but I do enjoy dabbling in some amateur nail decor from time to time.  My favorite tool to create clean lines is painter's tape.  You can pick up a roll for under five dollars and it will last an entire lifetime of nail painting!  Below I used Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in Bold Gold as a base with American Apparel nail polish in Passport Blue on the tips!

I tried to go for a more abstract look for this one so I painted my nails a natural sheer pale pink color (OPI in Bubble Bath) with Maybelline Color Show in Bold Gold for the design.  Once the base coat has completely dried, I tape off the areas of my nail that I DO NOT want painted with the accent color and paint away!  Try to paint the accent color one nail at a time, removing the tape once you have reached the opacity you want per nail.  I wouldn't recommend painting your accent color on all of your nails and then removing the tape once your done painting as you run the risk of letting the accent color dry on the tape too long which will cause it to rip and your lines may not be as clean.  The goal is to remove the tape slowly before it has a chance to dry.  So paint and remove tape one nail at a time :)

Be sure to seal your design with a good top coat.  I always get compliments on how shiny my nails are when I paint them and I owe it all to this: Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.  I love the thick and shiny gel-manicure-esque finish you get, plus it prolongs the wear time on even the cheapest of nail polishes!

Happy nail painting!
Alexa P.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Everything's Bigger in Texas

I spent this past weekend in Texas for work.  With my flight at the crack of dawn, I threw on a simple sweater, legging jeans, and my army green parka. I love my Jeep swivel wheel suitcase - it really is handy to be able to roll your suit case around seamlessly from any angle. Another traveling staple is a large nylon tote bag that can carry all your necessities. I chose to pack my cross body bag inside (for when we got to Texas) along with my toiletries - don't forget the 311 rule (no more than three ounces, 1 quart bag, 1 bag per person), and my nook. I'm currently reading Man's Search for Meaning by Frankl.  It's a heavy read, but it's an amazing story of perseverance told by a former Aushwitz concentration camp inmate during WWII.

I just had to hit up Dunkin Donuts while I was at the air port.  It's quick and the fall pumpkin flavors are in full effect. Yum!

The highlight of my weekend was definitely seeing hot air balloons take flight for the first time ever! It was so amazing how slowly they rise up into the air - like they were purposely taking their sweet time basking in the glory of all the little people watching them from below.

Among the balloons I saw was this little gem - a pirate balloon complete with a black eye patch and perfectly coiffed mustache!  

Alexa P.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

One Sweater, Styled two Ways

Still hung up on the topic of embellished sweaters (see previous post), I thought I'd style ONE amazing Marni sweater TWO ways.

This first look, Tomboy Chic, comes closest to the way I would style this sweater on any given night out.  It's easy and doesn't look like you're trying too hard.  I lived in my boyfriend jeans this summer and now that the weather is cooling down - I'm having a hard time parting with them!

Untitled #2

I am still grieving over this amazing 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target crossbody bag (pictured in yellow above) which has sold out both in stores and online.  His collection launched at Target stores this past Sunday, September 15th.  I strolled into my nearest Target at 9:20AM on launch day only to find empty hangers dangling from the racks where all the merch should have proudly been displayed.

I must've circled the surrounding area five times before the realization that everything was indeed gone, had set in.  The disappointment took the rest of the afternoon to shake off and I began perusing the internet to see how much a real 3.1 Phillip Lim bag would set me back...  Now I see why people were camping out in front of Target at 4AM.  His design for a cool 35 bucks at Target vs. 800+ for his original leather creations at Saks... le sigh!

Moving onward...excuse my Phillip Lim woes!

This last look screams Carrie Bradshaw, one of my style inspirations.  I love the contrast between the sportswear structure of the sweater and all the girly details (neckline embellishments, full skirt, and heels).  Mixing classically feminine pieces with sportswear has become such a huge trend -- one that I'm embracing with open arms!

To top the look off, since it's pretty heavy on the glitz and glam, I'm envisioning uber minimal makeup - just a heaping dose of mascara for that doe-eyed look.

Untitled #3

Would you wear either of these looks? How would you style a gem encrusted sweater like this one?

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You had me at BEDAZZLED...

I'm absolutely loving these jewel encrusted sweaters!  Effortless and chic - they add just the right amount of glam to anything you can pair them with!  Boyfriend jeans, shorts, skirts, the possibilities are endless... just don't pair them with sequined pants, that may be is a little overkill.


Rummaging through my closet I found an old terry sweater I haven't worn in ages and a costume necklace I bought from H&M last year that I haven't paid much attention to either.  Put the two together with a needle and thread and I'm in love with both pieces all over again!  I'm sure everyone has a few sweaters laying around that have seen better days and this little DIY project really brings them back to life.

All you need is an old sweater, gems, beads, (or in my case, an old costume jewelry necklace), a needle, and thread (to match your sweater).
I've outlined the steps below - but I'm pretty sure you won't need them (it's that easy)!

1. Lay your necklace or gems of choice over the neckline of your sweater to figure out the best placement.
2. Start sewing on your gems from the center of the neckline to ensure that everything is centered.
3. Use a simple looping technique to sew the entire length of your costume jewelry onto the neckline, making sure to stay as close to the neckline seam as possible.
4. Sew the other half of your piece until the entire thing is secured against the neckline.

Now that I'm officially addicted to bedazzling things - I may end up with a closet full glittering clothes!  I'm kidding -- but I will definitely be doing this on a few more pieces - a simple baseball T and maybe the hem of a skirt?  What do you think? 

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back for seconds!

I was bitten by the blogging bug when I first graduated from college in June of 2010.  Fresh out of college and jobless, I started a blogger account under the blog name My Eye On Fashion and posted regularly on ways to style different pieces of clothing for different seasons, makeup, and even the occasional food post on a side tab I labeled "Foodie Fridays".  I grew a small group of blogger friends that would comment regularly on my posts and I on theirs.  It was a nice way to feel connected during a time when I felt so disconnected and depressed about being unemployed.

Six months after launching my blog, I finally landed a job and I found myself falling out of the blogging community as posts became more sporadic.  I guess for some reason I didn't think I could do both so I deleted my account and all of my blog posts.

Three years later, so much has changed, but the urge to share my ideas and thoughts on all things fashion, food, and beauty has not wavered.  Whenever I stumble across something fun and exciting - I'm always thinking about how great it would be to blog about it!  Well here I am, back for seconds, to dish out my thoughts and ideas, or "alphabet stew."  Grab your spoon and get ready to dig into this heaping bowl of randomness with me!

Alexa P.