Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You had me at BEDAZZLED...

I'm absolutely loving these jewel encrusted sweaters!  Effortless and chic - they add just the right amount of glam to anything you can pair them with!  Boyfriend jeans, shorts, skirts, the possibilities are endless... just don't pair them with sequined pants, that may be is a little overkill.


Rummaging through my closet I found an old terry sweater I haven't worn in ages and a costume necklace I bought from H&M last year that I haven't paid much attention to either.  Put the two together with a needle and thread and I'm in love with both pieces all over again!  I'm sure everyone has a few sweaters laying around that have seen better days and this little DIY project really brings them back to life.

All you need is an old sweater, gems, beads, (or in my case, an old costume jewelry necklace), a needle, and thread (to match your sweater).
I've outlined the steps below - but I'm pretty sure you won't need them (it's that easy)!

1. Lay your necklace or gems of choice over the neckline of your sweater to figure out the best placement.
2. Start sewing on your gems from the center of the neckline to ensure that everything is centered.
3. Use a simple looping technique to sew the entire length of your costume jewelry onto the neckline, making sure to stay as close to the neckline seam as possible.
4. Sew the other half of your piece until the entire thing is secured against the neckline.

Now that I'm officially addicted to bedazzling things - I may end up with a closet full glittering clothes!  I'm kidding -- but I will definitely be doing this on a few more pieces - a simple baseball T and maybe the hem of a skirt?  What do you think? 

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