Sunday, January 5, 2014

Product Empties Vol. 1

Happy new year!! I thought I'd start 2014 with a synopsis of products I've used up!  I love reading empties posts because it shows you products people have actually used to the very last drop.  While using something up is usually a good sign, it can also be it's last hoorah and a blessing for the user who can be glad he/she is done with it and will never re-purchase again!  All in all - it's a treasure chest for those of us who want to find great products and steer clear from ones that are less than wonderful.

This first installment of my product empties features a mixture of body and face care.  I rarely use makeup down to the "pan" so it will be a true testament if I ever pop up with a post about MAKEUP empties...

1) Boots - The Power of Plants Botanics - Soothing Eye Make Up Remover.  This is my standard eye makeup remover and I have repurchased it several times.  As the name suggests, it's definitely soothing and calming to the skin, but if you've got some waterproof eye makeup on, it can take a little extra TLC to get it completely off (i.e. - two cotton rounds swiped twice over both eyes).  It doesn't leave that greasy residue that most oil based eye makeup removers do and I really appreciate that.  I hate having to scrub at my eyes later on with cleanser to get that greasy feeling off.  yuck.  

2)  Boots - NO.7 - Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water (for Normal/Oily Skin).  I love using cleansing waters to remove the rest of my face makeup before cleansing the traditional way with face cleanser and water.  This one smells great and does a good job of cleaning your skin without stripping it of it's natural oils.  The scent is pretty strong so I don't recommend this for someone with sensitive skin as the scent does tend to linger.  Luckily, the scent is so good that my fiance often asks about it whenever I have it on! haha. 

3) The Body Shop - Body Butter (Olive Scented).  I am in love with the Body Shop's body butters and this Olive scent is my absolute favorite.  The butters have a luxurious and creamy texture that sinks into the skin beautifully without feeling too heavy or greasy.  The olive scent smells very fresh and not what you would expect actual olives to smell like.  Don't picture those pickled olives you get in your martini -- this is not that kind of olive!  I highly recommend this product and soon after finishing the tub you see below, I went to the body shop and purchased a new tub.  Another noteworthy scent from this line is Honey Mania.  Its perfect for the spring and I have a tub of it waiting for that time of year to come around!

4) The Body Shop - Vitamin E - Face Mist.  The label on the product describes it as an instantly refreshing moisture boost that is great for all skin types.  I couldn't agree more.  This has quickly become one of my favorite MULTI-PURPOSE face products and I have already re-purchased and used half of a second bottle. I like to use this after cleansing my face to keep it nice and moist before slathering on my face serums and/or moisturizers.  I also like to use this after applying face powder to avoid that powdery cakey face look that you often get with powder.  You can also spritz it on to refresh your makeup after a long day.  It has a gentle rose scent which is also quite calming on the skin.  Next time you are at the body shop, grab the tester and give your face a spritz, it's kind of amazing.

5)  Lush - Rub Rub Rub - Shower Scrub.  As described by Lush, this is a different take on your average shower gel - the salt mixed with the bright blue gel really gets your skin super soft.  The scent is so fresh with a mixture of lemon juice and the tropical scent of mimosa blossoms for a light, blossom scented shower.  I love to use this any time of year - but especially during the summer and winter months!  It is best rubbed on to damp skin with the shower off so the salt doesn't immediately dissolve upon contact with running water.  I will always repurchase this stuff.

6) Lush - Dream Cream - Body Lotion.  Another fresh scented product (can you tell how much i love fresh scents? lol) this is a medium thickness moisturizer that has an herbal freshness that is not everyone's cup of tea.  As with all Lush products, they are a bit pricey (due to the fresh ingredients and handmade aspect) so whenever I buy a tub, I use its sparingly and that's how it should be used anyway since a little goes a long way.  If you're saving $$ - the Body Shop's Olive body butter mentioned previously is a great budget friendly alternative (especially when its on sale)!

It looks like all my empties will be repurchased at one point or another - though I am a sucker for trying new things.  Have you finished any products lately??  Anything worth sharing with me? If so, leave a comment below :)

Alexa P.

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