Sunday, May 17, 2015

Annual Chop Vol 3 (+OOTD)

The ebb and flow of long to short hair continues. This year, I went for a Julianne Hough inspired bob that can be easily tousled for a messy bed head look. A quick google of "Julianne Hough 2015 short hair" will lead you to loads of photos of her short hair styled every which way and it really got me excited about this cut.

It's a simple haircut with lots of layers and so far, it's been super low maintenance. Even styling it with a flat iron to add a little bend to the hair takes no more than 10 minutes because there's really not much hair to deal with (love!). Dry shampoo and a little styling wax complete the bed head look. (Maybe I'll post on that later!)

Here's a before and after in the same outfit. Clearly something about the cut had me standing up straighter than usual  :)

Outfit details: The tie front dress is from Uniqlo ages ago - it was part of their designer project collection.  It's definitely one of those dresses that looks less than appealing on the hanger but turns out to be a winner once you try it on. Jacket is from H&M (yes, H&M from like 3 years ago.. It fills that All Saints void like a charm) and booties from Zara also from a few years back.  Sorry none of what I'm wearing is current - I just really like holding on to things apparently! 


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