Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New year!

I can't believe we are two months into 2015 and I am barely getting back into the swing of things on this blog! I guess you can say I've been in hibernation -- it's been cold enough in NYC lately!

Last month we spent five beautiful sunny days in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and it was the best money we've spent in a long time!

Sunny days spent sipping coco locos by the beach, lunching in the cabana, day trips to see the Mayan ruins, crunchy tacos and guacamole, and spa days of pure rest and relaxation. 

Winter getaways are crucial for those of us who experience true winter blues -- a mixture between lack of sun, vitamin D, and physical activity in general during the winter can really wreak havoc on your state of mind.  To combat the latter of the three culprits, I've found myself really taking advantage of my gym membership.  Finding a workout class that I enjoy with friends who help keep me motivated have really been key to staying active during this chilly winter.  A fresh new set of workout gear and new colorful wristbands for my fitbit didn't hurt either (;

How has your new year been so far??


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