Thursday, September 17, 2015

Quarterly Chop?!

My previous haircut posts have been called "annual chops" but after this most recent cut...I think they may become QUARTERLY instead!

I was craving a change and after an impulsive decision last week, I picked up the phone after work and scheduled an appointment for the very next day (my day off work) at 11AM *the first appointment of the day*.  I lucked out that my favorite hairstylist was free on such short notice. Shout out to Grace from Tomoko Shima on 14th Street in Chelsea - she is literally the sweetest and I highly recommend her if you're in NYC! 

I brought a screen shot of Julianne Hough below.  Julianne is literally my girl hair crush, she can literally do no wrong when it comes to hairstyles and she pulls them all off so effortlessly...

How adorbs is she? 
And here is my rendition.... A mirror-selfie before heading out for drinks last weekend.  I just love an all black outfit.  Some people think it's boring but I happen to think that it's incredibly chic yet understated and classic.  The cut outs on this fun over-sized T makes it a little bit interesting and sexy without baring too much skin.

Top: Urban Outfitters / Pants: Kenneth Cole / Sandals: Zara / Purse: Carolo Pazolini
This is the first time I have gone this short with my hair and I'm absolutely loving it.  There was something cathartic about chopping off my hair and I really enjoyed that feeling.  I've gained a renewed sense of self - a confidence that I can't describe.  I feel a little modern-day Audrey Hepburn when I'm walking down the street and I have to say --- I'm not mad about it (lol).  

Not to mention, having a fun hairstyle has made me a bit more daring when it comes to my outfit choices.  I can feel a little shopping binge coming on as well - somehow I always feel the need update my closet whenever I make a big change with my hair.  Does this happen to you too?? haircut induced shopping.. lol

Hope your week is winding down nicely!  Happy almost Friday!


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