Saturday, June 21, 2014


Can't even believe how fast the last two months have gone by! We got married in late April - everything turned out amazing despite the windy conditions and chilly temps!  Our DIY projects really made a statement and I can't wait to share more in detail when the photos come in from our photographer! I was lucky enough to have all of my sisters behind me when it came to all the wedding prep - from the flowers, all the paper goods, decor, moral support - my sisters really pulled it out of the bag and came together to make this day such a special one.  I know it's cheesy - but it so very true!

In the meantime here is a snap of one of my favorite moments --our first dance with the beautiful Santa Barbara sunset as a backdrop.  It's not the clearest picture, as it was taken on a camera phone via instagram -- but I think it adds to the charm of the whole thing, no pixelation or grainy quality can really hamper this picture for me.

Following our dream wedding we had a mini-honeymoon in Ojai which was just what we needed. Some time to unwind and relax getting massages and lunching by the pool. I couldn't have asked for a better post wedding retreat (except for maybe more time at Ojai!). We do plan on going on a bigger tropical honeymoon next summer so we have already started saving our pennies for that :)


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