Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dealzz @ The Body Shop + My New Do

I got off at 59th Street on route to my haircut to check out some purses at Bloomies and ended up at The Body Shop down the street.. No sense whatsoever but that's how these things happen. I initially went in with the intention to repurchase my favorite concealer stick (this stuff is fab - great coverage, blendable, amazing) since mine was seriously stumping it.

I was immediately made aware of the giant promotion "buy 2 get 2, buy 3 get 3" on the ENTIRE STORE. So the picture below is what ensued...How could I not?? I was but an innocent shopper taking advantage of a great sale. This was the perfect excuse to try a few things I have been meaning to try but never had a reason to.  I ended up with the 3 get 3... and what a DEAL it was!

Front top to bottom: Concealer Pencil in Shade 4, Vitamin C Microdermabrasion, Vitamin C Skin Boost Serum, Vitamin E Face Mist, Olive Body Butter, and Honeymania Body Butter.

I also ended up joining the yearly membership since it was only 3 dollars for the whole year -- and heck, if this stuff ends up being a hit - I will definitely be getting my moneys worth in points! Will update with my thoughts on the rest of the products once I get to using them more!

On to my haircut - I was able to see my hairstylist Grace a bit in advance of my appointment since she had some extra time and I was already in the area.  She did a great job and paid lots of attention to the pictures I showed her of my hair muse (see previous post) and the length I wanted.  The LifeBooker deal I bought included a conditioning treatment, cut, and blowout (all of which were granted!).  The conditioning treatment felt amazing - she massaged my head and almost made me fall asleep in the process.  Once she finished cutting she blew out my hair and even used some rollers on the top to add some shape.  All in all my visit to Tomoko Shima was great and I look forward to going back sans-LifeBooker deal as a regular customer!

Alexa P.

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