Monday, October 14, 2013

Unintentional Shopping

As the title suggests, I did quite a bit of unintentional shopping over the past week and a half or so.. thanks to some amazing sales (Friends and Family at Bloomies, Columbus Weekend sales and 40% off coupons at H&M).

First stop, H&M.  From their Basics collection, I picked up two jersey dresses, one in black and another in olive green.  I initially only picked up the olive one, but as soon as I put it on, I quickly realized that I also NEEDED it in black so I went back for it.  The two sweaters on the top right corner were on a "buy one, get one" offer - so I picked out the navy with small white stars on the chest and the black one with reptile print.  The black sheer angora sweater just below the bogo sweaters was my first purchase this weekend and I can't wait to wear it! It can be dressed up or down and with pants and skirts (gotta love a multi-tasker). The navy blazer (always a good basic to throw on) was originally $50 but went down to $20 for the weekend sale --Super score!

Next stop, Zara.  These are the "witchy" boots I mentioned in my previous post.  They are surprisingly comfortable and I have been wearing them non stop with everything: chinos, cuffed boyfriend jeans, and even the jersey dresses I bought at H&M.  They seem to make anything look just that much cooler.

This next and last purchase over the last couple of weeks, is my splurge item.  I have been mulling over the idea of getting a new purse for the last few months so when my credit card rewards racked up enough points for a $100 gift card to Bloomingdales and the Friends and Family Sale was also looming near --  I just had to jump on it.  Meet the newest addition to my purse collection: Marc Jacobs' Too Hot To Handle satchel in Redwood (rich caramel brown).  It features two top handles and a long strap to carry it crossbody style (which is how I prefer to wear it).  

With all the hardware, she's kind of heavy to lug around EVERY SINGLE DAY - but I don't mind, I just switch shoulders and call it a workout. 

I think I'm good on shopping for the next few months... my next purchase will be my wedding dress! (fingers crossed)

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Alexa P.

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